Are you new to Community Led Housing? Learn more at these online events…

We have news of two online events  being run by Co-ops UK and the Plunkett Foundation.

The Co-ops UK session is on 21st September 12-1:30pm and is open and free for all to attend. Use the link below for further information.

“This event is aimed at community organisations who are interested in community-led housing a

nd who may have thought about initiating a community-led housing project and need support to get started, or are curious and would like to find out the possible routes to initiating and progressing a community-led housing project. You might have some spare land that might be suitable for community-led housing or you are thinking about redevelo

ping your building and would like to include a housing element. There  might be empty properties or sites in your area, and you would like to find out how your organisation can develop affordable housing that meets the needs of local people.”


The Plunkett Foundation will be holding a Lunch and Learn session on 30th September 12-1:30pm. (Free for Plunkett members).

“The workshop will introduce you to community-led housing and help you think about initiating your own project. It will explore different types of community-led housing development, organisational governance, capital funding options, as well as providing an overview of the key opportunities and challenges which housing represents to existing community organisations.”

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