June 2013 – Pinchbeck CLT Win National Award

The Winners of the 2013 National CLT Awards

In June 2013 Pinchbeck Community Land Trust won a prestigious national award for its work. The presentation was made at the National CLT Conference in Birmingham and the Chairman, Steve Colby, was there to receive the ward on behalf of the CLT.

Here’s what the judges said…

Once upon a time in a small village in Lincolnshire… In April 2012, there was an initial public meeting to raise the proposal to form a CLT. Just 12 months later, Pinchbeck CLT is incorporated and has secured a site, drawn up a scheme for 14 homes, secured funding from the HCA and formed a new partnership with a local Registered Provider and developer. The local authority, parish council and MP are all in favour, and they expect to start on site by January 2014.

How have they done it so fast? From the outset, Pinchbeck CLT has shown its acute awareness that it could not operate in isolation and that effective communication, engagement and involvement at a variety of levels is essential. The CLT has built relationships with the local press, held a logo design competition in the local primary schools, and worked with as many people as possible to bring the scheme forward – from the local MP to the HCA and local businesses.

When the time came for the CLT to issue a public call for sites, no fewer than 30 plots were offered to the CLT, including a whole suite from the local authority and many more from local residents.

Meanwhile, local people have been consulted every step of the way. CLT members hand delivered over 2000 invitations to a community design event. The minutes of every meeting are available at the local library, and a special CLT email address has been set up to receive more comments. The scheme is notable for its openness and honesty from the outset: and is reaping the rewards as the community already looks to Project Two.

Pinchbeck CLT’s favourite moment:

“There are a lot to choose from. Being offered 2.5 acres of land free of charge, because that is what the deceased father of the current owners would have wanted. Or, when we held our Open Day there were queues to get in before we opened and visitors stayed 2 hours after the advertised closing time. (We signed up 80% of visitors as members). Or, stupidly worrying that we would not get any good entries for the logo competition and then being inundated from both schools!”

Why they were specially commended:

We couldn’t let it go unrecognised, because it really is exemplary: it has faultlessly done everything it possibly could to engage local people in development, and has driven its project forward with remarkable pace.