£228,000 Funding to boost Community Led Housing across the East Midlands

Great news for people wanting to develop community-led housing. More advice and support will be available, thanks to Lincolnshire Community Land Trust securing £228,000 grant funding from the Nationwide Foundation.

Community-led housing allows groups to build affordable, good quality homes in their own communities, where are really needed and are for people who really need them. This may be in areas where houses prices are high or where the quality of housing is poor.  It can be a solution in a rural village or an urban neighbourhood.   Thanks to grant funding from the Nationwide Foundation, Lincolnshire Community Land Trust is able to expand its activities across the East Midlands. So as a first step we have changed our name to East Midlands Community Led Housing.

East Midlands Community Led Housing’s senior facilitator, John Mather, says: “We are delighted that the Nationwide Foundation has chosen to fund us to develop community-led housing support services across the rest of the East Midlands. Up until now we have been able to help set up community land trusts in Lincolnshire and part of Derbyshire.  With this grant we will be able to support all types of community-led housing development across Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire.”

Now more communities will be able to gain the assistance that we have already given to Wilsford, Pinchbeck, Brookenby, Birchwood Lincoln, Youlgreave and Bradwell.  We will help more communities to form a group, find a site, raise the finance and build the homes they need. 

Coupled with the Government’s Community Housing Fund announced in November, the expansion of East Midlands Community-Led Housing means there has never been a better time for communities to take control of meeting their housing needs.

The Nationwide Foundation’s chief executive, Leigh Pearce, says: “We envisage a future where community-led housing is thriving and where many more people, especially those in housing need, are living in homes that have been created by the community. Yet, we know that the availability of help can make or break whether a much-needed scheme can get off the ground. We want to ensure that any community group wanting to deliver community-led housing can realise its vision and ultimately enable local people to establish settled lives, close to family and employment.”

If this has sparked your interest please contact us www.emclh.co.uk