Standing up for Community-led Housing in General Election 2017

The upcoming General Election on June 8 could have profound implications for community-led housing, and it’s vital that our voice is heard by politicians at this important time. So the National CLT Network has launched a national lobbying campaign, in partnership with the Confederation of Cooperative Housing and the UK Cohousing Network, calling on parliamentary candidates to commit to supporting the future of the community-led housing movement.

We’d like to ask you to write to your local parliamentary candidates in support of our campaign, using the template below. The General Election is an important opportunity to build support for community-led housing among politicians of all parties, and to do that we need your help.

The Campaign Asks
The £300m Community Housing Fund has the potential to transform community-led housing sector in this country. However, the calling of the General Election has put its future at risk. We’re now pressing all parties to maintain a commitment to the Fund for the full five-year period, as well as ensuring its design gives CLTs and community-led housing organisations the most effective support possible.

As you may know, Theresa May pledged to extend the Right to Buy this weekend, as part of a new expansion of social housing. While we’re still waiting for further details on this policy in the Conservative Party manifesto, we need to make sure that CLTs are still protected from any such policy. Last year we won ‘discretion’ from the Voluntary Right to Buy for CLTs. However, because we know that that hasn’t given CLTs the certainty they need, we’re still pushing for CLTs to be completely excluded from the Voluntary Right and are now calling on candidates from all parties to ensure community-led housing groups aren’t affected by the Right to Buy.

Write to your candidates in support of community-led housing:
We need you to be a local champion for community-led housing during the General Election campaign.

It takes less than five minutes to support our campaign. Just download the template email at the bottom of this page, and send it to all the candidates in your constituency. If you have more time, please ask candidates to meet with you to discuss our campaign, and the issues facing community-led housing. A full list of candidates (and contact details for many of them) by constituency can be found here.

Please then let us know when you have contacted your local candidates, by emailing us at: .

GE2017 Lobbying Template email